Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meet Harbhajan singh’s new Sexy Girl

While the part time spinners in IPL were taking hattricks our very own bhajji was struggling to spin the bowl consequently he failed to bowl as well in IPL as his team expected him to but his fingers were working overtime sending SMSes to certain Shilpi sharma(Jo bole so nihal fame). Apparently, bhajji wanted her to come to SA to cheer for him and catch him in action.
There friendship has become the talk of the town. News is also that this budding friendship has already reached the next level, which for obvious reasons, the duo won’t accept.

Shilpi maintains that he’s ‘just a friend’ and not someone special. “What do you mean by ‘is he a special to me?’Yes, I don’t deny the fact that we’ve been friends for almost a year and he wants me to come to South Africa to cheer him and his team. Is there anything wrong with that?” she shoots back.

Meet Harbhajan singh’s new Sexy Girl

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