Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Not Me on Facebook Says Malaika Arora Khan !!

It's Not Me on Facebook Says Malaika Arora Khan !!
Malaika says an impersonator has been making bizarre requests to her friends on Facebook

Malaika Arora Khan may not be the first celebrity to be targetted by a Facebook impersonator but she's
definitely the first one where the impostor has been making bizarre, lewd requests to her friends.

Fed up

Talking about it, Mallika says angrily, "I am fed up and really disgusted about it! I had many people impersonating me
on Facebook and time and again, my husband Arbaaz and sister Amrita (Ladak) have complained to the
FB authorities but nothing has been happened. It has been going on for a month now and things are
becoming worse. There is someone on whose list are my common friends whom he has added as his contacts.

Weird demands

She adds, "He has been asking for semi-nude and bikini pictures from my actor friends or clothes from my designer friends.
He's even been asking for pictures to send for Arbaaz's film as he's turned producer. It's become very
embarrassing and I want to announce to everyone that it's not me on Facebook."

Malaika says that though she has an e-mail ID, she has never had any ID on any social networking website.
"If I need to talk to my friends I call them or keep in touch through Skype or e-mail. I don't need to discuss
intimate details of my personal life on any social networking website. I find them intrusive. The other day,
Ana Singh called me and asked me why I wanted clothes from her; whether it was for Arbaaz's film? I was aghast!

Why would I do that? Obviously, people are thinking it's genuine and that's why they are responding. Even children from
my son Arhaan's school are messaging me asking why I want their pictures. My friends are calling and asking me
why I should want to see their bikinis. I want to tell them it's not me but a fake. Please spare me this torture!"

Sweet cameo

Malaika has just returned after doing a special appearance in Sajid Khan's House Full. "It was a sweet little cameo
which I did for my friend Sajid Khan. I can't say no to my friends." Currently, she's also busy styling Sonakshi Sinha
for Arbaaz's first production Dabaang along with sister-in-law Alvira Agnihotri.

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