Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celina Jaitly Hot Show on the cover of Stuff Magazine

Gorgeous eyes, luscious lips, breezy hair, finely sculpted nose, finely crafted eye brows that will make you forget paradise! Friends... we are not talking about different beauties with single quality.
Instead, we are talking about one beauty with different qualities. And that beauty is none other than Bollywood's very own Celina Jaitly, who is all herself on the latest cover of 'Stuff' magazine, the mag that spells not just class, but is a class apart!

By now, you all will agree to the fact that we just do not mince words and call a spade a spade. So, you better trust us when we say that its not just Celina who looks a millions bucks on the cover and the inside pages, but also the lucky gadgets and the gizmos that get to rest itself in the arms of the Greek Goddess!

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